Monday, May 23, 2011

New Studio Reveal

Nature's Inspiration

My "Etsy" wall... all of these pictures are available in my Etsy shop
Several weeks ago, I made a huge decision and moved my studio from the lower level (aka basement) of my home to a new, upstairs location.  After all is said and done, I have only one comment:   How could it be that I spent all of those years underground?  Although I loved the cozy space that I had carved out in my basement, there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING like natural light and wood floors.
Quilts and Fabrics Stacked on Shelves
I love the color of the walls, which is the same buttery yellow I had painted my basement studio, but they seem so much warmer in the natural light.  I have a closet in which I can hide my unsightly art materials, and a cabinet which holds lots of the rest.  
Vintage Books and Treasures

My books and fabrics, tools and papers that I constantly use are readily available on a slim bookshelf, and my walls are adorned with my own artwork.  I now have a working desk, file cabinet, and telephone that are nearby and available for the "other side" of my artistic endeavors.
It makes me happy to have a room of my own, and I feel more productive.  


Spreading the Love! said...

Beautiful! and ya know.. I'm sorta wondering why you didn't move up there sooner too... Natural light is a necessity for creating!...even though you did beautifully without for too long...

Vicki W said...


Victoria said...

Congratulations! Your new studio look lovely! My oldest daughter just moved into her first apartment this week, and once she actually empties here old bedroom here, (so many things still remain that one would never know it wasn't inhabited) I am planning on making it my studio. (Right now I work out of the corner of my bedroom). The first thing I want to do is put down wood flooring and I have also been thinking of buttery yellow walls!

Linda Zimmerman said...

WOOHOO!!!! Awesome... it doesn't get much better than sewing in a bright room where one can hear the birds, enjoy!!!!!

Ruth Anne Olson said...

It looks great. I completely agree with the underground v. natural sunlight. But if underground is all you have, as is my case right now... Well, you just have to make the most of it.

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