Friday, March 18, 2011

AUCTIONS Speak Louder Than Words: Giving and Living in a World of Abundance

Yesterday's post, a quiet reminder from many bloggers, got me thinking.  I have donated money for many disasters lately, from cyclones and floods, to this latest earthquake in Japan.  Locally, I donate artwork to at least 8-10 charities a year for many causes, from homeless shelters to autism benefits.  We all are inundated with opportunities to give, but I am going to add one more... my own little auction to benefit the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Vivika's Own Little
Auction for Japan

Remember that little robin I showed earlier in the week?  I have added an egg and paper scraps to the nest, and some bead embellishment.  It is now matted to 11x18, framed in a black wood frame,  and would normally sell for $175-$200.  I make and sell dozens of these pieces every year, and they are collected by many individuals and displayed in their homes and offices.

How would you bid on this little gem?  Easy.  
1.  Leave a comment on this blog post with your bid, making sure I have an email address with which to contact you if you are the highest bidder.  If you don't feel comfortable bidding in public, please email me your bid privately: vdenegre "at" yahoo "dot" com.
2.  Bids start at $50, and should be in at least $5 increments.
3.  Bidding opens this morning at 12:01 am, and closes at Midnight on Sunday, March 27.
4.  I will notify the winner by email on Monday, March 28, and include an invoice from Paypal.  As soon as I receive your payment, I will ship the piece to you at no additional cost.
Framed Robin & Apple Blossoms
5.  Free shipping only extends to the USA... an additional fee of $20 will be charged elsewhere.

Remember, this event is for charity.  The entire amount is being donated to disaster relief in Japan, through Lutheran World Relief.  Why did I choose this charity?  LWR is already on the ground in Japan, and has an existing infrastructure.  As a charity, LWR is actively working with and through local partner organizations to help responders meet the urgent need of those in crisis.

Let's see how much my own little auction can raise for the victims of this horrible disaster, and I challenge others to do the same.  This is part of my ongoing personal challenge of Giving and Living in a World of Abundance...

Current Bid:  Anonymous Bidder (private)  $215  Thank You!!!
Pass it on...


HA Sawyer said...

What were you doing up so late? This is a lovely thing to do and a beautiful piece of art. If I don't do pay pal, can I bid? If so $150.

Vivika said...

Of Course You Can!!!

What a generous starting bid! Thank you Heidi!


Anonymous said...


Richard said...

I will bid $200.

Richard, MV

Richard said...

The quail is lonesome

Anonymous said...


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