Friday, May 27, 2011

I See a Quilt That Needs a Fence

This is the wonderful view from my new studio... and believe it or not, it has changed dramatically in the past few months.  Doesn't it look like a quilt?  What does it need??? A real fence.

The transformation will happen in a few weeks when the temporary deer fence is removed and the new picket fence is installed.  (Deer are a major pest here - the picket fence will be low, and the deer fence will actually be reinstalled inside, but nearly invisible because it is made of black netting).

So why the title?  I love fences!  They protect gardens, add interest to landscape, and are a great place for birds to perch.   I thought it would be fun to show how I make a fabric fence for my collages...

First,  I make a template the size of the picket.  For the small 5x7" pieces, that is a 2"x3" index card.  I change that measurement accordingly for a larger piece.

Mark the template in the center of one short side and 1" down on both long sides.  Connect the dots.

Cut the two lines and you have a "perfect picket".

Trace the template onto the fence fabric and cut out the picket.

Place the picket on a 1 1/2"x3" piece of shaddow fabric and glue in place.  Trim the shaddow fabric by 1/4" as shown in the picture below, making sure to keep the top flat.  This adds depth.

You are done!  Make the picket longer or shorter, wider or thinner, depending on your project.  I find that when I sew the piece down, it adds so much interest to stitch in the wood grain, a few darker lines to make the corners more pronounced, or a connecting piece between several of the fence posts.  I often place a flowering tree behind the post, a few flowers in front, or grasses nearby and see how the piece changes...

Fences add so much structure and interest to a garden, and I can't wait until mine is built.  More photos when that happens.

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