Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank You Blog

So I just found this new blog that is amazing...  a thank you note every day.  No matter what.  No matter how much you want to stop what you are doing and scream at the world for being so very frustrating (can you tell I had a bad day?)...

Now for today's exercise in thankfulness:

Dear DMV:

Thank you for negating my son's traffic ticket.  He really didn't mean to run that red light.  You are really awesome and I love standing in line.



 or maybe I should do this one:

Dear Keys,

Thank you for hiding.  I love playing "hide and seek" and I'd rather be looking for you than actually on time for anything.  You are the best!



But let's not forget this one:

Dear God,

Thank you for my sense of humor.  Really.  If I didn't have one, I'd be so , you know, ticked off...  Maybe I'd even be in a bad mood.  But no.  Not today.  Knock knock...

Yours truly,



Karen said...

Dear Vivika, Thank you for a great laugh. :-)

Anonymous said...

You do have a sense of humor.

Mrs Moen said...

Lol; a sence of humor really is a gift (to the whole family..).-)

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

This was just too funny not to comment! Definitely a great sense of humor.

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