Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hang In There...

Hanging quilts is always a challenge, especially for the non-quilter. I have no problem buying an art quilt, threading the sleeve with a dowel and hanging on a few nails, but the general public seems to shy away from that process. At my recent show at Chroma Gallery, it became apparent that hanging the 10 quilts would be much easier if they had standard picture frame backs... but that is not really possible with a dowel. I was staring at a sleeve on the back of a small piece when the solution came to me... just use a slat that is slightly shorter than the sleeve and sew it closed on both ends. Since my sleeves are split in the middle, there is ample space for a saw toothed picture hanger to be attached to the slat and the quilt can then be adjusted to hang straight. Why didn't I think of this before???

1 comment:

Sandra Wagner said...

Thanks for that insight - I have hung many but that is a great way to do. If large you could add a second opening and picture hook. Sandy in CA

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