Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friendship Gifts

Our good friends are moving back to London in a few weeks, and we will miss them very much. Our nine year old boys are best of friends and have a bond that is quite strong. Since my machine was in the shop last week for a much needed tune up, I thought I would work on a few hand stitched gifts for the little ones. What better way to celebrate a friendship than with dolls? I found the pattern on the purlbee blog and just had to make her for Kate, the youngest of the three children. Tom is receiving a pillow with a Janet Bolton applique of two boys and a pot of rosemary (rosemary is for rememberance, my mother always used to say). And the oldest girl, Millie, will have a box of paper dolls. In an age of plastic and batteries, I know these gifts are old fashioned, but why not encourage imagination and creativity?


Diane Wright said...

I LOVE Trigger!

Anonymous said...

I love the gift choices. I'm sure they will be cherished for years.

Minka's Studio said...

Love the doll!

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