Friday, June 12, 2009

Barking Cloth Quilt: Bailey and Rudy

Another in my series of Barking Cloth Quilts is featured in today's post: Bailey and Rudy was delivered to a client yesterday in the midst of a blustery afternoon. A new piece of art is always a good way to chase away the blues that accompany a spring rainstorm.
The quilt is 11"x14" , matted and framed behind glass. I am experimenting with different finishing techniques for these quilts, and each has its benefits. I like frames because everyone knows what to do with them (duh! as my kids would say). However, they do separate the viewer from the piece and the glass often reflects a glare. I prefer to have the quilt out in the open so the fabric can absorb the light and the beads and other embellishments can glisten without the intrusion of the glass, but then there is the "hanging problem". My next post will explain a new sleeve I've been using on small art quilts to address this dilemma...
But tonight I am basking in the glory of completing a project, cleaning my studio, and planning the next dog quilt... Lubeh Sitting Pretty.


Anonymous said...

Vivika, I acquired another dog last night.. a great dane yet un-named... there may be another project down the road a bit :0)

Diane Wright said...

Okay, I want you to "do" Xiao Blue for Jean's birthday in September. How much time do you need?

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