Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Magpie-AKA Happy Birdie to You

My friend, Dave Wright, pulled me aside a few weeks ago and asked me to "make a magpie" for his wif'e's birthday... Happy Birthday, Diane! The first version was a bit chaotic and didn't allow the magpie to shine, so I made another, and that is the one Dave chose. Little did he know that the background fabric was given to me by the birthday girl and is one of her favorite Australian textiles.
As I was filing the photos of these pieces, I came across another magpie that I had forgotten about which I made four years ago for another client in Texas. Although I like these fellows much more, it was fun to see how my style and interpretation of the same bird has changed.


Diane Wright said...

I LOVE my Maggie! This has been the best birthday yet. AND, shhhh....Dave doesn't even suspect that you made HIS birthday gift too! Thank you for the treasure. Diane

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME..yet again, Vivika :-)

The Pink Ganeshji said...

Love your magpies! Such personality!

Carole said...

Love, love, love your magpies.
I learned something, too, from your final piece. It is worked in neutrals [a recent challenge for me...I struggle] and the focal point is well, what and where it is supposed to be.
Well done!!

Judy Alexander said...

These are really great!

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