Friday, March 27, 2009

Hidden Treasure

Several years ago I was commissioned to complete a quilt which was started 60 years ago. There were 45 redwork blocks beautifully embroidered, and enough vintage muslin to make a bed sized quilt. Before my client left, she pulled 5 log cabin squares from her purse that she found in the trunk with her grandmother's unfinished quilt. My heart stopped. The fabrics were clearly very old - some were made before the turn of (the last) century and had still retained their color and vibrancy. When I turned them over, I had another moment of discovery: the blocks had been foundation pieced on salt bags, all from New England and New York. The front of the blocks were beautiful, but it was the back of the work that made them worthwhile and told their history.
Pictured is the front and back of a block I found in Branford, CT yesterday at the home of a woman who had just moved into an assisted living complex. Again, the front is nice, but the back tells the story. I will treasure this piece: the comics are actually dated 1976.


Diane Wright said...

I was so touched today when I saw this piece but I got goose bumps when I read your post. I can only hope you are there to "pick up the pieces" for me in my studio....and fyi there are a lot. Diane

Vivika Hansen DeNegre said...

I'll always be there for you, Diane, but I think your little Claire will be the one who treasures your treasures most.


Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful "find." I hope the woman from whom you got the piece knows what a good home it has gone to, and how much it is treasured.

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