Monday, March 23, 2009

Finding My Way: Cairns

My artistic journey began as a little girl arranging toy tea sets on my shelves and cutting up cloth for my baby dolls' new clothes. I colored ballerina pictures with felt tipped pens. I knit warm hats while watching the Olympic games, embroidered a tennis racket cover after being inspired by Billie Jean King, and spent four semesters in the pottery studio at college. After dabbling with all of these media (and then some!) I found quilting.
This little journal quilt is made of a piece of silk kimono fabric and the threadwork depicts the wind on top of Cadillac Mountain in my home state of Maine. As my family climbed the mountain, the fog became so thick it was hard to follow the trail - we could see only a few feet ahead of us. The trail was studded, however, with Cairns. I've seen them since in Austria, Hawaii, New Hampshire and even here in Connecticut. They represent more to me than just the ancient "arrow" for the weary traveler. I feel that I have finally found my way... found my path... through cloth.


Diane Wright said...

A very thoughtful post...and memory provoking. Thanks. Diane

Stacy West said...

Looks like a Zen Garden neatly raked sand around stones. Lovely!

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