Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spectacular Advent Calendar

Last night I was surfing the web, knowing I should be writing my post for today, but totally underwhelmed by my own attempts at marking the season of Advent.  I've started pulling my boxes of decorations from the attic, hanging some lights, and arranging my collection of nativity sets, but I was still feeling uninspired.

Wait a minute... what is that... could it be...

Yes.  The most creative and spectacular Advent Calendar I have ever seen... and a tutorial to boot!  One of my favorite blogs, Stuff You Can't Have, features the work of Catherine McGeaver from Oakland, CA and she has come up with a great idea for an Advent Calendar that puts us all to shame.  It combines so many things that I love:  secret boxes, sequential artwork, prayer flags (at least their shapes and the hanging of a garland), vintage textiles, and mixed media.  Go to her site linked above for the full tutorial, and let her know that you saw her work here.  What a treasure...  and it is time to open the first box on your own Advent Calendars!


Martha Wolfe said...

Brilliant!....and it really has you name on it, Vivika!

Vivika said...

Yes, Martha, I love it- just wish I had thought of it myself!

Jane LaFazio said...

sooo darn cute! did you make one? are you going too?

Kit Lang said...

I kept meaning to tell you that I got your envelope and thank you - but I see that there are congratlations in order - so my heartiest congratulations as well!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Vivika. Just happened upon your blog and have been enjoying your marvelous work. Congratulations for the editorship.
And have a happy holiday season!
best from Tunisia,

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