Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photo and Fiber Donation

Once again, Virginia Speigel has organized a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society which will take place on Feb. 15 & 16 of next year.  I was so pleased to be asked to make a donation of three small packets to be given as "premiums" to people who donate to the cause.

Here is a quick "sneak peak" of part of my donation...  I have made three ATC's using vintage maps, stamps, papers, and millinery flowers for some lucky donors.  The full packets will contain vintage papers, stamps, and other ephemera to use in artwork.  The three pieces honor the memories of my parents and a close friend, all who died of cancer.

Thank you, Virginia, for allowing me to share my artwork and honor those whom I have loved and lost. And thanks to all of you who will make donations in February and receive mementos from the many artists who have donated their work.

Together, we can all make a difference.  Join me and my fellow fiber artists in supporting this worthy cause!


Anonymous said...

Your pieces are beautiful, but more so are your dedications to those you loved. It is a cause that most of us can relate to.

HollyM said...

You've had too much close experience with cancer! Your pieces are beautiful and will be well appreciated I'm sure.

Loralei said...

Vivika, these are lovely - and how fitting that they should be given strength through the opportunity to help others! The love that went into them is so abundantly clear..

Unknown said...

Superb works, Vivika...and superb words.

I can only respond with a tweet one of my daughter's friends sent out..."#cancersucks." He lost his mother this last January to cancer.

Fighting it like I have, I understand completely.

I hope they sell well...but I know they will. Kudos to Virginia! She's such an amazing woman.

Becca said...

Such beautiful pieces and dedication to your loved ones. I love your work.

Diane Doran said...

These are so lovely, Vivika, as is the sentiment behind them. I better get going on mine! said...

Vivika - Thank you so much for donating such beautiful artwork to Foto/Fiber 2012! Generous fiber artists and patrons make great things happen.

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