Friday, March 25, 2011

What's New?

So What's New?

That is something my mother always asked me.   She didn't want to know what bugged me (no one wants to hear whining) or what I was making for dinner (meatloaf again???).  She had no patience for small talk and no desire to gossip (just like her daughter).  She liked real news and great stories, fresh ideas and promises of lively conversation at the dinner table.  She was a real gem, and I miss her daily.  So Mom, here's what's new...

1.  I have restarted my Etsy shop and have listed six new items this week.

I'm eargerly awaiting the first sale in my new shop, so if you are the first to buy online, I will HAPPILY add an extra little gift in the package...  

2.  I have started a new series of felted and machine embroidered vignettes...  I just can't wait to see where these take me...

3.  I have revisited some of my older work that incorporates these images... my "Wash on Monday" series, using some of the same transferred images, but as applique.  
Mend on Wednesday
Iron on Tuesday

Wash on Monday
Churn on Thursday

4.  I am running an online auction benefiting disaster relief in Japan...  The piece, which would normally sell for $175 is up to $215!  There is still time to bid...  see the button on the sidebar.
Auction Piece:  Current Bid $215

5.  And as for NESTS???  I cleaned my nest from top to bottom.  My studio is (well, was) sparkling!

And of course there is more, but not all is ready to be revealed.  It was a good week.

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My Sweet Prairie said...

oooh I love your studio photos! ;) Picked up QA today and say you! Have a great day!
~Monika in Canada

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