Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Robin Says Spring Is On Its Way

A Robin for Robin
I just finished this little Robin with Apple Blossoms and scanned it onto TAP Transfer paper for a client who wanted to make a washable quilt block for a new baby in her family.  Just seeing this bird building its next on the flowering apple branch makes me happy, because I know it will be a reality in just a few weeks!  The transfer came out great- I've not done that before, but can tell that it is much easier than any other method I have used for transfering images.

What do you think?  Should I offer copyrighted images on ETSY, pre-printed onto TAP, ready to iron onto fabric?  Who would buy them?  How much would they sell for?  Should I offer a kit for a pillow, with fabrics, embellishments, and the transfer?  Any ideas?

1 comment:

Diane D. said...

What a great idea - the look of applique/fabric collage, but easy to replicate! I'd say try out the images on etsy.

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