Thursday, March 17, 2011


Quail Family
I really do hate deadlines.  They just loom over me at times, and I feel pressure to complete a project in a time period that feels unnatural, and ultimately, the piece is not as good as I want it to be.  My response lately has been to forgo entering shows if I don't already have a piece "ready" that fits the requirements.  That has left me with fewer pieces entered, accepted, and seen in the venues I wish to be part of.   I need to turn over a new leaf.
California Poppies with Sparrow

This week I am restarting the third piece in a series of Connecticut views...  the first two were commissioned by Smilow Medical Center, and the third will be ready for a big show, hopefully by the end of the summer.  In order to keep my options open for showing, though, I won't be able to post the photos.  Not fair!

In the mean time, the pictures in this post have been entered into a show about birds... and they were already "ready"...


Victoria said...

Beautiful works of art. What a gift you have!
(And I agree... working with deadlines can be such a creativity killer.)

Karen said...

Love those california poppies...

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