Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Because...

Just because I can, I am breaking with my theme and doing something different.  It is, after all, Wednesday, and why not celebrate a week half done with some play time?
Angelina Walks the Dog

Once again, I got out my new felting machine and tried something entirely new.  I have been thinking about some of the series I have done in the past using old studio photographs, and wanted to try adding stitch and line to a felted piece.

This piece is approximately 12"x12", and is mostly silk, paper and linen.  There are a few bits of cotton lace and a vintage piece of embroidery from my stash.  Lots of hand stitching.  Potato sack lattice (is that made of paper or twine?) and velvet leaves.  Hand dyed silk rods.  Mullberry paper.  The dark blue stitch line was done from the back, and is drawn from of old photos.  The dog is the RCA Jack Russel Terrier... my favorite breed.  Wouldn't this make a great nursery rhyme series?  Portraits of children?  Memory quilt?

Here's the original photo - just a black and white photocopy that was given to me by a student in one of my classes.  I have used this again and again.  The three children are so sweet in their best clothes, and so uncomfortable.  It reminds me of taking my brood to the photographer for an hour of fidgeting and a few seconds of smiles.

By the way, adding the dark stitching over the grid is absolutly inspired by Jane LaFazio's little "quiltlettes" on her awesome blog.  Take a look.

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Jane LaFazio said...

yum! so much texture and interest and pattern. Love it!!

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