Friday, January 14, 2011

Goals Week 2

I started this year by posting on goals, then quickly became sidetracked with actually working.  Things could be worse... It could have been the other way around.  In the mean time, my goals for the year include the following:

*Make one more large quilt to complete the series of three started in January of last year.  The first two pieces in that series are part of the permanent collection at Smilow Hospital at Yale New Haven Medical Center.
*Update my ETSY shop to actually hold specific pieces of artwork not available elsewhere.  I've had some pieces listed in the past on Etsy, and have also put them in shops where they have sold, making the Etsy thing a bit more complicated than it needs to be.  Thus, I will now have a dedicated ETSY shop starting in February.
*Learn to say "NO".  No more volunteering during my dedicated work hours.  No more challenge groups which take away from my dedicated studio time.  No more additional unpaid projects.  No more distractions.  No.  No.  No!
*Get my book written and off the "to do" list.  It is time to work on this project in a more dedicated fashion!
*4 hours per day in the studio creating, not including writing and paper work.  No excuses.

And here is the first of many for 2011...  actually done at this point, but not the final photo...

 Pink Lilly
... Pink Lilly.  The picture isn't of the completed quilt, but just of the top.  I'll post the final piece when it is photographed later this week, but it is done!  It is serving a double purpose:  First and foremost, it is for the "Double Take" exhibit to be hung at Yale's Haskin's Laboratory in New Haven at the end of this month.  Second, it will be my "Environment" quilt for my Fiberactions challenge group.  More on that 1/15.

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