Friday, March 5, 2010

A Watched Pot Never Boils

I love that expression, because it is absolutely true!  A watched pot really never does boil.  It just sits there and steams, as you anticipate the bubbles and keep wishing that you see them rising to the top.  That was how I was feeling all morning and into the afternoon.  Last night, I placed the last quilting stitch on the top of Marsh View, and pinned it to my design wall.  I sprayed it and stretched it, then sprayed it again.  The wool batting absorbs quite a bit of moisture, and I wanted to make sure that this quilt eventually lies flat, so I was liberal with the water in this last important step.  As I headed off to bed at 11:30, I was satisfied seeing a flat, stretched and drying quilt on the wall.

Fast forward to 11:30 the next morning when I realized it was still not dry.  12:30, still slightly damp, and finally an hour later, it was safe to take it down for the final trimming to size and facing.  A watched pot, indeed, that would have benefited by being left alone until Saturday, but the due date for this piece has been pushed forward.

So now, I am packing up this lovely piece and will say good-bye to it as it passes to its new owners.  After the opening, I will post full photos of both Marsh View and Farmlands - they have been a joyful exercise in creativity and focus.  Over the past four weeks I have worked every day on these pieces, as each one took over 90 hours to complete.  Time well spent...


Mrs Moen said...

I'm looking forward to see the pictues!
You're lucky to have a wall you can use for that last part, I have to use a special carpet on my floor to pin the wet quilt and it's in everybodys way all the time. Fortunatley I don't do it very often, only for competitions and shows.

Diane Wright said...

Good for you, Vivika! I love the quilting..especially Marsh Lands. They are truly masterpieces and it's especially nice that they will be in a public venue.

Congratualtions again.

Ruth Anne Olson said...

Diane is right. I only saw one of the quilts; it is a masterpiece.

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