Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marsh View Days 6, 7 & 8: Wind

A soft breath of fresh air is winding its way between the reeds and rushes of this quilt.  Now that the piecing of the top is complete and the whole quilt has been layered, the many many hours of quilting have begun.  At 6-8 hours per day, I estimate that it will take nearly five days and 35 hours to quilt this piece.  That is actually less than Farmlands, which had many more starts, stops and knots due to the complex piecing and quilting patterns.  Marsh View is much more calming, and the quilting reflects the linear piecing and minimalism of the top.

The thread I am using is mostly polyester (for sheen) on top and invisible monofilament on the back... and I estimate there is about 1 mile of thread in the quilting alone.

While sitting in my subterranean studio for hours on end, I am listening to books on tape.  So far I have "read" three novels while working Marsh View, caught up on podcasts and even tried to learn a bit of Danish for my Summer travels.  Tomorrow I'll begin an Agatha Christie novel, and that should get me through the last of the quilting.


Diane Wright said...

It is gorgeous, Vivika!!! I love the quilting.

Connie Rose said...

So beautiful Vivika. I love your quilting lines.

Linda Zimmerman said...

Looking sooooo nice!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, Vivika.

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