Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Yes, Spring is coming, I can just feel it!  This weekend's rains have left more than four inches of rain behind, and the frogs have responded with a loud chorus of serenades this afternoon.  Before you know it, the cone flowers will be blooming and the gold finches will be gold again...

A lovely client/friend requested that I put the purple cone flower and the goldfinch together in one piece.  I can always count on her for just the right combination of flowers and birds - some people just have that knack.  Now that I am working on the "daisy" shape, I'll have to do a few black eyed Susan and shasta daisy combinations, too.  I wonder which bird should go with those?  Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

It's really lovely.

Vivien said...

I like this combination.

Quick technique question: do you always leave the beak unstitched?

Anonymous said...

Bluebird with black eyed susan ..or blue bunting, even better!

I'm still waiting for the mourning dove rendition. I see muted background tones with cherry blossom branch, dove perched on it, perhaps two doves~ So the over all color scheme is subdued... soft browns/beige/cream, brown/beige branches and pink/white blossoms. OH, that would look AWESOME in my new/old vintage bathroom. Or my office!

Um, just saying :-) Happy Spring!

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