Monday, March 15, 2010

Fiberactions Challenge Quilt - Miscommunication

It is Fiberactions Challenge Quilt Reveal Day:  Go the the Fiberactions Blog and see all of the lovely quilts.  My piece, Miscommunication, is there, as well as many others.

This quilt is about how different conversations can go on in one place, but there is so little intereaction with the participants.  More about that on the Fiberactions blog...

Interestingly, I heard a piece on NPR this morning regarding ear infections and hearing problems.  The announcer explained a new study that found a correlation between multiple ear infections as a child when the brain is developing and a difference in the quality of hearing/communicating in older children and adults.  I don't "not hear" things when I am in a loud or white noise setting, but I don't "hear" what is being said quite often.  It is as if I can't focus on the speaker, and my brain doesn't notice the difference between the white noise and the real communication.

All things are related...

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