Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photography Is Not My Strength!

Years ago- actually in my teens- I took classes at Portland School of Art and spent hours in the dark room developing film and printing photos.  I had it all planned out:  I would move my mother's fabric stash (you see, the love of fabric IS genetic!) and take over her corner of the basement to build my own photo studio.   I would learn how to capture light as it moved over the hills.  I would create beautiful still lifes.  I would become a Great Photographer.

Didn't happen.

But a few months ago, my friend Dave loaned me a camera, and now I need to learn how to use one again.  Artistically.

This first little nest photo was taken with my Cannon Powershot - a point and shoot pocket camera that lives in the bottom of my purse for emergencies.  As a cell phone user, I should know how to use my phone's photography app, but really, I just use my phone for calls.

I must be getting old...  anyway, here's the same shot with Dave's camera.  What a huge difference it makes to use the right tool!  Both photos were taken in the same lighting and using a tripod.  Both were cropped in iphoto and the only difference is the camera/lens.


Karen said...

It's a beautiful thing. Be careful.. you're gonna be bitten by the shutter bug.

Mrs Moen said...

I love your new header photo, Vivika. I'm guessing it has been taken with camera no. 2..

Vivika said...

Good Guess, Mrs. M!

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