Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Inspiration: This time with yarn...

  1. Before there was fabric in my life, there was knitting. A fond memory from my childhood was watching the Winter Olympics as I was madly knitting my first ski cap. Even then, it was a deadline that got me to the finish line... I had to have the cap by the next day so I could wear it for a ski trip with my school. Since then, I have graduated to sweaters, socks and mittens, but those first adventures with a set of needles and yarn are part of my journey as a fiber artist. 

This is my current project: Mittens. Not just any mittens, though. I love "over the top" pieces which are covered in patterns and oozing with color. Last year I made vertical stripe mittens that were so sophisticated I could have worn them on the streets of Zurich with all of the lovely ladies and been right in style. These are a Scandinavian design that starts at the tip and is knit to the cuff with an inset thumb. Not as hard as they look or sound!

This very short video is absolutely inspiring. Imagine the time it took to create an entirely knitted world!


Linda Zimmerman said...

the mittens: gorgeous! the video, soooo clever!

Ruth Anne Olson said...

What a clever video. Loved it.

Connie Rose said...

Very cool. I'm thinking, though, that it was probably computer generated, not hand knitted!

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