Friday, September 25, 2009

New Designs

I love working on new designs for my quilts. Lately, necessity has been the mother of invention... I am under a time crunch to get enough stock ready for an "Open Studio" event as well as an "Open Air Art Fair" in a few weeks. Although the smaller bird pieces are my best sellers, it always helps to have a broad range of artwork and price points at these shows. Blue Heron at Hammonasset from last week's post is hanging at Fire and Rain already, so that isn't available.
This week I worked on two mid-sized compositions that will be framed and ready as soon as a huge order of mats and frames is delivered. Orioles in a Tuilp Tree was inspired by my one and only sighting this Spring of the Northern Oriole in my front yard. I had previously placed these birds on bare branches, but realized they needed a bit more interest and added the tulip tree leaves and flower. I also completed this Western Sandpiper, standing in a shimmering pool of water. Both are framed and matted, and available either by contacting me directly through my studio or at my fall art shows for $250.


Ruth Anne Olson said...

I see you had time to post today. Great. Your new work is absolutely wonderful. I love each of them, including the heron from the other day. I look forward to seeing them "up close and personal."

Karen said...

LOVE the orioles, just beautiful. You just keep getting better at your craft.

The Pink Ganeshji said...

Oh, Vivika, these are wonderful! And lucky you, I have never seen an oriole! Good luck with getting it all done!

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