Monday, September 21, 2009

Blue Heron at Hammonasset

Last Monday on my weekly walk through Hammonasset State Park, I saw a group of Blue Herons winging their way toward the water. They were so stately and graceful, with their shoulders scrunched and their necks pulled in. I had never seen a group fly together, just solo birds here and there, usually hiding in the marsh grasses and waiting to pounce on a fish or a frog. I knew it was time to add this heron to my ever increasing series of sea birds.
For this piece, I resurrected a bird I had made several years ago, changed some of the colors and fabrics, and then framed it. The original piece was much larger and based on a sketch I made from a stuffed Heron at the Peabody Museum in New Haven. Blue Heron at Hammonasset is for sale at Fire and Rain in Killingworth, CT.


Diane Wright said...

Oh, I like this guy! One of my favorite birds...except when they wade into my koi pond and make tall pigs of themselves. One at a time, of course.

They must be congregating to plan their trip south.

Nice job, Vivika

Textile Art Showcase said...

One of my favourite birds too. A beautiful piece of work.

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