Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am proud to announce that my first article for the Quilting Arts Magazine family is now on news stands across the country. My article entitled Inspired by Nature, Captured in Cloth appears in the Quilting Arts Gifts Holiday 2009-2010 issue. The article gives step-by-step instructions for making my raw edged applique birds.
It was a pleasure to write for such a highly regarded publication. QA is the only art quilting magazine to which I subscribe, and is always full of inspiration and fabulous photographs. The holiday issue is crammed with wonderful gift giving projects that are sure to please everyone on your list.


Carole said...

Congratulations!! A major accomplishment to be sure, worthy of recognition!!
The Gifts issue of QA I do not get, but will look for this one on the news stand. Can't wait to see the details.
Keep up your works of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The nest is flying the coop on Sept. Third, if not before. Do you think you can provide something in it's place shortly thereafter? :-)

Anonymous said...

Leaving that up to you Vivika..anything you want to display will work. My family is buying it for my aunt... her 65th - the meaning behind it is.. she has always created a home for everyone, and they moved often! Hence.. the nest! She even took in a few of us.. Catbird's egg! It's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am glad the issue is out so I can get one to bring to my sister next week. I can't wait to read your article. You really deserve this recognition of your talent.

Diane Wright said...

We are so proud of you! Your wonderful work will now be seen and appreciated by a universe of art quilters and those who appreciate them...not just our little band of "Sisters".

Keep up the good work.

Betty Warner said...

Picked up my copy today. How exciting to find your article! You rock! Good article. Congratulations on this accomplishment. Your work deserves this recognition.

Great job!
Betty Warner

TD wool design said...

oh congrtas!
that's wonderful. will have to look for it very soon! you need to have a copy or display the article with your work at F & R! ( not that it needs any help ;)

Kerry said...

I read the article was well done and very easily understood...great job!

I was reading it when my daughter came home from work...she loved the birds and when I told her I had won the cards...she was quite impressed!!

I can't wait to get them and show them to my ArtQuilt group...

Good job you, Vivika!


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