Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inspiration... and Perspiration...

I am fascinated by what inspires an artist. Georgia O'Keefe moved to the sparse desert and found inspiration at every corner. Annie Liebowitz lives in New York and is surrounded by the cacophony of the city. Virginia Wolfe needed a room of her own and found her inspiration from solitude. Beethoven lived in silence for years, but was still able to compose great music.
Me? I find inspiration from silence, architecture, music, nature and other artists, but lately it is from my stash of fabric. This beautiful piece of damask African hand dyed fabric has been singing my name for weeks, and I finally have answered the siren's call... At first, I only let myself cut small strips of it to use inside the blocks, but then got adventurous.
Alas, I have only a few snippets left, but love the results.


Linda Zimmerman said...

Wow!! The piece is wonderful!

The Pink Ganeshji said...

I love where you are going with this, Vivika. Very retro color choices and I see floor plans in there (but I always see floor plans....) Very cool!

Diane Wright said...

Really interesting! Thanks for sharing. Diane

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