Monday, April 27, 2009

Two in the Bush

A bird in the hand is worth...Two in the Bush
I was madly working last week, trying to meet multiple deadlines and complete multiple projects. My Art Quilt Group, Sisters in Cloth, had set April 24 as our "drop dead day" for five small quilts based on photographs. No, I did not make all of my deadlines, but when it came to putting together this little piece, the wise words of my grandmother came bubbling into my head. I had these two little birds tucked away and waiting to be added to a quilt. I had tea dyed the background fabric, a piece of decorator cotton, long ago. My mother's stash yielded a string of broken red beads. The bush fabric was on the floor of my studio in a pile of scraps. Why struggle with a different design that wasn't working, when I already had, quite literally, a bird in the hand? Now if I can only finish the remainder of my list!

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