Friday, April 24, 2009

Pond Queen

Spring is finally here. The birds are singing, the air is warming, and I've even mulched the perennial beds. One of the most heartening signs of spring for me is the arrival of the frogs. About a month ago on a warm March day, their choruses were almost deafening as they called, "Come Hither" to their mates. This week I took my youngest boy to the edge of the water to check out the eggs, and they had already hatched. Thousands of polliwogs hovered over the egg casings having their last feast before leaving the comfort of their homes.
This is a self portrait I made several years ago. I fancy myself as having kissed my share of frogs before finding my prince- Pond Queen is one of my favorite pieces.

1 comment:

Ruth Anne Olson said...

I love Pond Queen, as I do all your work.

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