Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building a Nest

It is always interesting to see how a piece comes to life from the beginning to end. I took some photos of a work in progress to show how the robin's nest evolves from a piece of drab brown fabric into a three dimensional home for some lovely blue eggs. I've made pieces similar to this before, but have never photographed the process. Starting with a jagged cut brown circle, I first add the eggs to the bowl of the nest with a dab of glue and then sew them in place. Pieces of yarn and scraps of fabric are woven, twisted and couched down to form a soft edge to the nest.
The final product is framed behind an acid free mat board that is thick enough to keep it from being crushed by the glass of the frame.


The Pink Ganeshji said...

Your birds are just wonderful, Vivika. My parents would have loved them. They were great bird watchers. I admire your composition and creativity. Good luck with your show!


Vivika Hansen DeNegre said...

I was wondering who the "Pink Ganeshji" was... thanks Martha!


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