Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Breakfast: Can't Resist

Home Made Pop-Tart (r)
Recipe from Feb 16, 2012 Hartford Courant
by Leah Eskins

Prep: 1 hr
Bake: 30 min
Makes: 8 tarts

1 3/4 c flour
1/4 c corn meal
2 tbs sugar
3/4 tsp salt
12 tbs butter, cut in small pieces
2 eggs
5 tbs milk
1/2 c jam or Nutella

1.  Mix together flour, cornmeal, sugar and salt.  Using a pastry blender, cut in the butter until the mixture looks crumbly, with chunks of butter no bigger than kidney beans.
2.  Mix the eggs and milk together in a separate container, then add half to the dry ingredients.  Stir with a fork until the dough starts to hold together, then divide the pastry into two equal parts as you push each portion together into a ball or rectangle.
3.  Roll one of the dough balls into an 8x12 rectangle, dusting the top and bottom with flour.  Even off the edges with a knife or pastry roller, and brush the pastry with the remaining egg mixture.  Cut the pastry into four 8x3" strips.  Place about 1 tbs (or a bit less) of filling onto one side of the pastry strip leaving 1/2" all the way around.  Fold the rectangle over and seal the pastry on all four sides.  Push a fork gently into the sides, then prick the top to vent it with the fork. 
4.  Repeat with the remaining dough.  Transfer the pastry onto a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

5.  If you want (we didn't) make a glaze for the top with some powdered sugar and milk...

So very good, my kids will never go back to the store bought kind again!

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HollyM said...

They sound and look delicious!

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