Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fiberactions Reveal Day: Structure

I loved the term "Structure" for this month's challenge.  It really got me thinking about how structured  my life really is, and how I rely on certain constants to keep me on track.  When those constants have changed, even slightly, the course of my life has been changed forever.


As I started this piece and was pulling the fabrics from my stash, my family structure was in turmoil.  We were beginning a new school year, our state had been hit by a hurricane, and we had just received power back in our town after spending nearly a week in the dark.  No power for us means no water, electricity, sewer, or refrigeration.  Our structure was shaken to the core.  Fast forward two months as I was quilting and binding the piece to the next natural disaster - a freak snow storm- which left our neighbors to the north in the same situation of turmoil.

Fall Interrupted
I have experienced a natural disaster which change the face of a city:  the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake moved not only buildings, but the city planners as they had to redesign highways and public spaces.  I have lived through emotional shock waves as well, such as losing my parents, and have felt the pain of a young life cut short by a horrible accident.  All of these events, whether physical or emotional, have changed me, the world around me, and my family.  Some of the changes have been for the better, and others have not.  But they all have left their mark on the structure of my soul.

The working title of this piece was "Fault Lines", but I have decided to call it "Fall Interrupted".  It is based on a picture of a rock taken in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, at one of my favorite places in the world.  This is where I go to think, to feel the ocean breeze, and to cast my troubles to the wind.  You can see in the photograph where the granite is split with quartz, and where each sliver of stone has moved, its structure altered forever, by a moment when the earth moved and the strength of the stone was not enough to keep its structure intact.

This is my last quilt with the Fiberactions group.  Thank you all for a wonderful experience of working with challenges and deadlines.  


Diane Doran said...

Vivika, I love the juxtaposition of the solid colors against the more ethereal hand dye, and the circular lines against the linear piecing. Bravo!

Vicki W said...

It's fantastic. You really get a feel of motion with the interplay of the peicing and quilting lines.

Loralei said...

I love the strong colours and lines in this quilt; isn't it interesting, how "abstract" art can have such a beautiful way of expressing very tangible things?

Mary Couch said...

I'm from California... I can feel that horrible earthquake in you quilt. I understand the hurricane... it hit us first in coastal NC, but I also realized this fall it had hit the migrating butterflies severely, as we had so few come through; your piece has the colors of those butterflies. It is so interesting how we interpret others work. I love what you have done.
Hugs from Mary

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I was so surprised to see the size of the quilt as I was imagining a huge wall covered with this. I love the mix of solids and hand dyed or batik fabric! The turmoil shines through, it's both very strong and a little unsettling.

HollyM said...

It's a striking quilt! You've experienced lots of hard times this year but the quilt represents a place yo love and go to for piece. It's beautiful!

Gloria Hansen said...

Vivika, I love this piece. The circular quilting is a perfect complement to the lineal elements. I was most surprised to see the size. I initially thought it was much, much larger. Wow ... quite effective!

Vivian said...

Excellent use of colour & design lines. The circular stitching finishes the piece perfectly.

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