Monday, October 31, 2011

Lucky Number 48

On Saturday I made a string of flags...
ok, it is really just a garland for my kitchen, 
but they look like prayer flags... 
in honor of my birthday. 

I pray for another year of health and happiness, 
not only for me, 
but for my family.  

Another year of sunshine and shadows.  

Another year of mischief and mayhem.  

Another year together.

Because in the end, isn't that what we all pray for?


YankeeQuilter said...

Happy Birthday and blessings in the new year!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

The Best is yet to come!

Jane LaFazio said...

Sweet post! happy birthday!

Nina Lise Moen said...

Yes, we do! Happy belated birthday, Vivika!

Merete said...

Oh... sorry - missed your birthday ;0(
Sure you had a nice day anyway ...
Sends best wishes and hugs to you

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