Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great Weekend and Studio Update

What a great weekend - the last of the summer weather, two days outside in glorious sunshine, and a successful art fair.

We had the perfect weather, good sales, and I made great contacts with other artists and new clients.  

After breakind down the tent and putting all of my artwork back in their protective cardboard sleeves, I brought everything back home and rearranged my studio walls.

Threads are sorted by color, with a long hanging behind them in an awkward corner.

Mittens purchased by fellow quilt artist Mary Lachman are now adorning my wall above a closet.  Don't they just sing with color and creativity?

My husband is checking out my newly arranged desk area.  How do you like the "Art Quilts" banner?  That was made in a flash using the technique developed by Tonya Riccuci and described in her book "Word Play Quilts".
Now back to work!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

sounds like a mighty fine weekend!

jackie said...

Just to show that I found you, and had a proper look around your blog.

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