Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am just back from my favorite resale shops... with the most amazing loot.

This vintage 1950-something Smith-Corona "Super" is going to be my forever friend... I have been looking for a typewriter for several years, and this is a keeper!  It is in pristine condition, and has two extra spools for ribbon.  Interestingly, there is no number one or exclamation point.  Am I not supposed to be excited?  Do I use an "l" for a 1?  Do I have to turn the paper upside down and substitute an inverted "i" for a "!"?  I will do all that and more.  It put me back all of $12....   !!!!!

Next, you can drool over these gorgeous kid gloves.  Perfect.  Never worn.  The lining is silk, and the tag reads, "Dayne Taylor, Made in Italy, size 6 1/2".  I have special plans for these beauties, and yes, I am definitely cutting them up.  These cost a pricey $5.  Not so shabby.  The rest of my $20 bill was spent on a pair of crocheted gloves, not nearly as pretty, but lovely, and those will also work their way into my artwork.

The next store had vintage snaps, zippers, and a few books, including an outdated dictionary and a book on child rearing from 1957.  I bought it for the humor, not the advice...  those two were free, because I spent the wad ($3) on a piece of history - a book of essays denouncing Nazism written in 1934.  All I can think is "if only people had listened".  It is chilling to know what we know now and have a record of the resistance.  I am very interested to read it from an historical perspective.

Stay tuned for seeing these treasures again, hopefully as repurposed pieces of art.


Ruth Anne Olson said...

I'd love to see both books.

Ruth Anne Olson said...

And I love your new blog header.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Saw your DMV post at Karen's TOH2's blog, I laughed my head off! Sounds like it was NOT an excellent adventure!

Love the typewriter and the gloves! Can't wait to see what you make with them.

I've enjoyed my visit today and am now following. Please stop by when you have a moment. I love company and new friends are always welcome!


ArtL8dY said...

I had one of these. Here's what I did for
exclamation point = apostrophe, then backspace with a period.

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