Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mapping The Journey: New Jersey Shorebird

Boy, naming this one was a breeze...

New Jersey Shorebird

This is another in the series of birds on maps that I am currently making.   This little shore bird is looking for his dinner on the beaches of New Jersey, oblivious to the comings and goings of his human cousins. The bird has such lovely wings and feathers, all tipped with white and stitched by machine in a shimmering rayon thread...  

The maps for this series are so fun.  I recently found an international seller on Ebay who has been cutting the maps from vintage atlas books, and offering them for a very reasonable price.  Each map is more than 65 years old (in this case the map is from 1917) and they all have an aged quality that only comes with the patina of time.

After I complete the collage, I edge the piece in a boldly colored art paper, then another layer of cut map (sometimes a newer map, with only about 1/4" showing).  The piece is then matted and framed.  Look for a post soon that shows the final product, ready for "market".

1 comment:

Linda Kittmer said...

I love your birds on maps. What a wonderful idea. The maps are such a fabulously interesting background.


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