Friday, August 19, 2011

Mapping the Journey: Ohio Home

Ohio Commission
This month I completed several projects in my series of "Map" and "Migration" pieces...  They all hold special meanings for me and the people who purchase them.  The Ohio piece, shown above, is one of two pieces for a very special client.  She is using this picture as a memorial to her parents, and a nod to her home state of Ohio.  Her home town is visible just above the female cardinal's head, and her sister's home is directly under the top trillium.  It was a fun challenge to make sure that the towns were visible, the flowers were accurate, the composition was pleasing, and the birds fit all within the space allotted.  

The map is a vintage early 20th century Rand McNally road map with absolutely beautiful colors and amazing details for a piece of paper more than 100 years old.  Both pieces featured the two cardinals and three trillium, but were arranged differently.  

So how is one of these pieces made?  I start with knowing the finished size and finding an appropriate map (copyright expired) to use as a background.  The map is then cleaned and ironed, as well as inspected for any tears or marks that need to be repaired or covered.  I then attach the paper to a stiff interfacing using either glue or fusible web.  The collage is built on top, then framed behind acid free mat board.

If you'd like to see the whole process of making the collaged birds, check out the new videos available from  Quilting Arts TV.  Episode 801 features my birds!

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