Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 9: Organic

Today's prayer is for all the backyard gardeners, corporate farmers, and those in between... that we all can find a solution to the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers that end up polluting the waterways and ruining the oceans.  According to Science Daily, the use of nitrogen based fertilizers in the US had quadrupled since the 1960's, leading to run-off into streams, lakes and oceans.  The results of excess nitrogen in the waterways are large algae blooms and oxygen depletion in the water, which creates dead zones and alters the chemical balance of our marshes, streams and oceans.

I pray for the realization that we can reduce or eliminate many of these chemicals, and use time tested techniques to enhance production in our gardens and farms.  Healthy soil means healthy food and water.

Today's flag, Organic, is made of a vintage place mat found in my husband's grandmother's attic.  The embroidery was probably wrought in the 1930's.  Black Eyed Susans are a common flower in New England this time of year, and a personal favorite of mine.  The tag reads, "We can take care of the soil in our yards" and was clipped from a vintage Girlscout handbook.


Betty Warner said...

I cannot find the right words to describe my reaction to your prayer flags. The flags, your descriptions, and your prayers are very inspiring. Thank you so much for doing this and for sharing. Awesome. I watch for your post every day.

Betty Warner

The Pink Ganeshji said...

These are just amazing, Vivika, and inspirational. So glad I got to see some of them in your studio.

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