Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayer Flag Project Day 29: Innocence Lost

Tonight's news brought words my family has heard before.  Tragedy, heartbreak, sadness.  An 18 year old boy in a neighboring town had fallen from a cliff, broken his back, and cracked his skull.  The town is stunned and grief stricken, and the child is critically injured.  But what could they do for him?  They prayed.  The news cameras focused not on the tragedy, but on the full church with young and old alike on their knees asking for intervention.

My prayer is for the boy's classmates, who have lost so much with this accident.  They now know, without a doubt in their minds, that  the safety they felt just hours before this tragedy is really an illusion.  This is a difficult lesson which we all eventually experience, but it is so hard to see an entire community learn it at once.  I pray they are careful, and know that their lives are precious.  I hope they find peace, and that their prayers are answered.

The linen of the flag was an embroidered bag, and the words on the tag read, "the hero of his own life story" and were clipped from a vintage biography.


Anonymous said...

I echo your prayers.

Victoria said...

Will keep in my prayers also. xo

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