Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yoga Kind of Day...

Yoga Mat Carrier
April Showers may bring May Flowers, but they are putting a damper on my exercise routine... no running or walking when the sky opens up and pours down like it has been doing here, but lots of yoga.

 Of course, I arrive in style at class with my handy Yoga Mat Carrier slung over my shoulder, and have even been known to wear a silk headband to keep my tresses from falling into my eyes.  Now if only I could get my hips even, my shoulders straight, and my hamstrings to stretch, I'd be in great shape!

Pojagi Headband
These and many other patterns are included in the recently released issue of "101 Patchwork Projects".  If you make any of my designs, please email me with a photo so I can share them!

And visit again for the recipe for my healthy home made bread...  great for after yoga or anytime...
Breakfast - Home Made Bread


My Sweet Prairie said...

What a pretty post! : )
I love your photos today.
~Monika Kinner-Whalen

aliceinparis said...

Hiya, thanks for stopping by! Yes you can use my soup for colour inspiration,lol.Love that yoga mat.

Skooks said...

I tried to find your email address, but I don't see it anywhere! I just finished up a table runner using your pattern. I really like how it turned out!

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