Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theme of the Week: Nests

New Article in Quilting Arts Magazine

Nests are here, there and everywhere these days.  The birds are making them in my back yard... each morning this past week I have been awoken by trilling titmice, cardinals and robins, all in search of mates and starting a home.  Each  bird's nest is a bit different, reflecting their environment and needs.  Some are mere depressions in the sand to keep the eggs from rolling away, and others include elaborate woven structures that cradle an entire family.  They are all beautiful, functional, and carry an instant reminder that all of the creatures of the earth share the need for home and shelter.

Aren't we all like the birds?  My home reflects the community in which I live, my own personal aesthetic and my need for creativity, warmth and comfort.  Even this photo of one of my first nest collages indicates a bit of my personality... how I love old things (a broken copper ladle from my grandparents' home and an ancient volume of Huck Finn), nature (real nests and feathers), the outdoors (the awesome book by Louise Dickenson Rich, We Took To the Woods) and art.

In celebration of nests, nesting, nest eggs, a nest of one's own, and my newest article in Quilting Arts Magazine, Feathering Your Nest, I'm declaring this week to be officially "Nest Week".  Join me throughout the week in celebrating all things NESTY...  and look for a little give away as the week comes to a close.


Diane D. said...

It's a wonderful article, and instantly made me want to make a nest for myself!

Jane LaFazio said...

hey! wonderful article and nice to share the mag with you. :-)

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