Thursday, March 3, 2011

Isn't He Sweet?

Cate Prato's Dog Senghe
modeling my
Futon for Fido
Who couldn't love this pooch?  Of course, my pug, Elvis, is probably the cutest dog in the world.  He sleeps in the sun when I am at the computer, follows me around the house, walks miles with me (ok, half miles) and is my constant companion.  This is usually fine, but when he is in my studio, the little rascal plops down on top of my feet, no matter where they are... even when I am sewing.  In order to avoid a "run away machine" and keep the dog out of trouble, I designed this cute futon with Elvis in mind.  The quilted top is made of hand dyed fabrics, upholstery samples and even some salvaged scraps from my daughter's favorite childhood pants.  Add some denim for the pillow case, and it is a stylish addition to my studio...

Find the pattern in "101 Patchwork Projects" out this April from our friends at Interweave and Quilting Arts...

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