Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sign Your Work!

I've been framing an exhibit for my art quilt group, Sisters in Cloth.  There are 16 quilts, 18"x24" which will be hung in floating frames at the Haskins Laboratory Gallery in New Haven for several months, along with the photographs that inspired them.  I am sure this will be a memorable show for both us and those who attend, but one thing has been bothering me.  Why don't people sign their work?
The Last Touch... a signature

I occasionally forget to put a label on the back of my quilts.  It is a tedious, last minute job for the most part, and I don't take much pleasure in hand stitching when it is not going to be viewed.  After putting the 16 quilts on stretcher bars and attaching them to the floater frames, I have intimately studied each of these pieces.  Only four of my fellow artists labeled their quilts.

I have taken to signing my quilts on the front with a free motion stitch and a bright, noticeable thread.  I figure if it is good enough for Picasso, it is good enough for me ;-).

More about the exhibit later... in the mean time, I'm going to pose this question:  Do you think the signature takes away from the piece?  Does it add anything?  I'd be interested to know.


Karen said...

I personally love an artist's signature on a piece of art. It shouldn't take away from the piece, but be subtle somwhere around the edges. Yours is beautiful.

My Sweet Prairie said...

I agree! I sign or label all my work. I was raised by an artist. Maybe that is why. I have a quilt from forty years ago and I made a label for it. Without it, that woman who has long since passed away is invisibe. That breaks my heart to hold a piece of history with no label. Great post! Thankyou!

Lisa ONeill said...

I agree with you completely - I love signatures on quilts - I particularly like to hide mine somewhere.I've really grown weary of quilts with hefty, info laden labels - too self-indulgent. I find it interesting to study how other artists sign their work - redware potters sign their pieces with their name, and the weather - it's so random, yet personal.

Kate said...

I always sign my work on the front. Maybe leftover from my experience with painting & drawing. It was a surprise to hear people don't typically sign art quilts on the front. Like you, I free-motion-stitch my signature. It's very quick & easy, compared to hand stitching a big label on the back.

Cindy said...

I always sign my work with a freemotion signature in the lower right corner. I've had several people who have bought my work say it made a difference to them that the piece was signed because it made it "art"! Great post!

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