Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pojagi Experiments

Pojagi Scarves: Christmas Gifts for
my Sisters in Law
 My friend Linda has me hooked on Pojagi.  Ever since she told me about this beautiful Korean form of patchwork, I've been experimenting with it and looking for examples in books and online.  There really aren't that many out there!  Most of my searches end up with the same, rather slim, resources.  

Front or Back, Both Sides look great

A few months ago I found a tutorial on the sillyboodilly blog (scroll down to July 6, 2010 for the tutorial) and found it useful, but tweaked the technique a bit to fit my style of patchwork.  I like using lots of starch, a hot iron, and a special foot for my Bernina which gives a perfect topstitch seam.  I'l put a tutorial up with my technique as soon as I can do some good photography of the step-out pictures.  I'm also looking forward to doing some hand stitched Pojagi for a panel/curtain in my kitchen.
Purple Scarf in the
The real beauty of this technique is that the pieces are nearly reversible.  They have fully covered seams, with no raw edges, and are easy to make.  Depending on the fabrics, you really can use both sides of these pieces.  Can you see this scarf in a thick, luxurious silk?  How about a sheer linen, or maybe even organza?

The sky is the limit...

BTW:  The solid purple fabric is Cherrywood, and the shibori is from Connie Rose...
Green Stained Glass Effect


Karen said...

beautiful fabrics and color...

Victoria said...

Really beautiful Vivika. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial and how you do your pojagi!

Diane Wright said...

I first saw pogaji in Korea and loved the transparency. Your take is very beautiful. I've also been following another artist's work that you would like: Heck, you might already be cyber friends. I'll be keen on seeing your tutorial too!

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