Thursday, November 18, 2010

Partnering With Roses for Autism at Open Studios

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Once again this year, the Shoreline Arts Trail is joining forces with a local business that is near and dear to my heart.  Roses for Autism is a business that employs adults within the wide autistic spectrum and provides a wonderful opportunity for them to be part of a vibrant working community.   They have partnered with our friends at Pinchbeck's Rose Farm, once the largest rose grower in the entire United States, and have a mutually beneficial relationship which not only helps the Autism community, it also has kept this family business alive in a bad economy.

Join me in supporting this worthy cause at my Open Studio Event with a purchase of Pinchbeck Roses or a small donation to the fund...

In their own words...
 At Roses for Autism we believe the window of opportunity for learning is always open. We assist each individual in putting his or her talents to work by teaching an array of transferable skills including: 

  • Flexible thinking
  • Organization and planning
  • Technical jobs skills like growing, cutting, packing and delivery
  • Marketing job skills such as database management, web development and accounting
  • Social skills and relationship building
Bringing Communities Together – By providing adults on the autism spectrum with employment, Roses for Autism is addressing the critical labor shortage facing farms in the northeast. 

Keeping the Last Rose Farm in New England Alive – Roses for Autism resides at Pinchbeck Rose Farm in the quaint town of Guilford, Connecticut. Established in 1929 by William Pinchbeck, Pinchbeck Rose Farm was once the  largest rose farm in the United States boasting and expansive 150,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Our head grower, Tom Pinchbeck, brings years of experience to the operation and maintains the highest quality standards for our roses. With 16 varieties and 3 grades of roses, we will sell over 1 million roses this year

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Victoria said...

What a wonderful event. I wish it great success!

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