Friday, October 8, 2010


Ten - a good, round number.  We use it as a description of beauty, and a measurement of pain.  It is the basis for the decimal system, and the almighty dollar.  We count our years by decades, and measure our morality with the ten commandments.
Postcard with Ukelele

Ten:  detail
This week, I made a fiber postcard to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Quilting Arts Magazine.  I've learned so much from this creative  clearinghouse, and I wanted to celebrate their birthday with style.

Ten:  detail
So, keeping the theme of "Ten"in mind, I chose ten designs and embroidered ten stitches of each design on hand painted and stamped fabric.

The right side is heavily quilted and then embellished with metal letters.  I wish the photo showed more depth and color... I am still learning about which lens to use for each situation!  But the macro lens used for the detail photos captures the details of the stitch and the saturation of color much more accurately.

So, Happy Birthday to Quilting Arts Magazine!  And thank you to the QA contributors for the color, texture and creativity you have shared with the Art Quilt community.


Karen said...

This is sooooo awesome. You are getting better and better :-) Love this!...

The Pink Ganeshji said...

Hear, hear! Happy Birthday, QA! And appropriate creative loveliness, Vivika! (and I can't believe it's been 10 years! I remember discovering QA when I was living in Guilford:)

Linda Zimmerman said...

How pretty, I love the hand stitching.

Gerrie said...

Love that card!! Would you like my address? LOL

Tori's Blog said...

Beautiful, Viv!

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