Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ten Things I Loved About Denmark: Number Five... Paper

Since I've done no creating in the past month and have another week of vacation with my family planned, I'll be posting some of the highlights of my trip....

Paper?  Yes!  Isn't it fascinating to watch artists cut paper and make beautiful mobiles, designs and pictures with it?  My grandmother always had Danish papercuts in the house, and she passed the tradition on to her children and grandchildren.  On this trip, we saw them everywhere!  I resisted temptation to buy EVERY ONE I SAW, and just came home with a small treasure trove of paper mobiles, but wanted to share a few photos of interesting pieces in unexpected places.

This was a little hand cut sign on a door at the Freelands Museum.  I thought it was so clever and quite unique.  Notice how the boy is holding a sign between his feet.

The Danes have a long standing tradition of using paper cuts in story telling and for entertainment.
The piece below was made by Hans Christian Anderson and used in a little story he told at a dinner party.  Wouldn't you have loved to have been at that party?

Who can this be?
I couldn't let the opportunity pass to try my hand at making my own "little man" in the children's section of the Hans Christian Anderson Museum.  

My little paper cut made at the HCA museum 


Diane Wright said...

How interesting! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love those Danish paper ornaments and mobiles.

Karen said...

You've had a wonderful trip! I'm enjoying the recaps :-)

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