Friday, July 9, 2010

Ten Things I Loved About Denmark: Number One... Food

Since I've done no creating in the past month and have another week of vacation with my family planned, I'll be posting some of the highlights of my trip....

Food!  So much lovely and interesting food to try, and only ten days to try it all...  Here are some highlights.
Annette, with a gorgeous smorgasbord lunch at her home in Randers on Jutland.  Notice the Danish table runner she made - by hand.  I have close ups of that one for another post.  The open faced sandwich is an art form in Denmark, and these were the prettiest I saw on my trip.  Well Done!

My sister Heidi and cousin Signe in Skagen, on the Northern most tip of Denmark, eating a traditional dinner of thickly sliced bacon, cooked to a crisp, with potatoes and a parsley white sauce.  That was delicious with a tall glass of beer.

Yours truly, having my third cup of coffee and delicious fish, egg and ham breakfast, again in Skagen.

Picnic on the beach on the island of Aero.  Heidi and I went to the grocery store for Herring, rye bread, lunch meat and salads.  It was an experience we won't forget - I forgot forks!

Some of the beautiful foods at the "Slow Foods" farmer's market and festival in Svendborg.  Wish we could have tried them all.

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