Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Camera Play

As I procrastinate from doing handwork, I am playing more and more with the camera...  MOO is having a sale of 25% off until Monday, so it is time to order some more cards and I would like to showcase some of my more modern pieces.

This triptych looks so much better when the panels are photographed individually than as a grouping.

I then photographed details of each of the pieces... that makes me want to do more close quilting and use colored thread instead of monofilament on the next set that I make.

Since the camera is all set up, it is time to take the glass off all of the framed pieces and photograph them as well...  my procrastination at least is yielding some good photos!


Judy Alexander said...

All of these are really beautiful. Love the colors.

Deborah said...

Great colors!

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