Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Farmlands, Day 6: Tension

Tension is a good thing, especially in a sewing machine. The top thread passes through internal wheels, over polished metal eyes, and around thin clips before finding its way into the eye of the needle. When all works well, the tension between the top thread and the bottom thread are perfect, leading to perfectly aligned and evenly spaced stitches. The threads are like the yin and yang symbol as they intertwine and hold each other in a harmonious balance.
Not so today.
The morning started with tension... nearly an hour of cleaning and oiling the machine, re-winding bobbins and finding the problem with the tension mechanism. Finally, I turned the machine off, then back on again. Problem solved... wish I had tried that first!
Today was also a "snow day", so three children were in need of attention and mom time. That, too, is good tension - for a while - and I found many ways to enjoy their enthusiasm for the snow. We made mac and cheese, listened to a story and had a walk outside, but then they too required a tension reliever, and went to the neighbor's house for a while.
All is going well with Farmlands in the midst of the busy day... another field is done, and the stone walls are pinned in place.


Anonymous said...

ooh, I'm liking the feel of that piece... it flows, or rather rolls, gently....

Diane Wright said...

Horizontal lines are so much more soothing.

Anonymous said...

It's looking good.

norma said...

I love what you're doing with this. The colors are yummy. Cherrywood Fabrics are so hard to resist.

Mrs Moen said...

Hi Vivika! I received your beautiful cards in the mail today; thank you so much! I'll get a frame so I can enjoy them in my studio.
Love the progress of Farmlands! The stone walls reminds me of the fields around here; they are famous for their stone walls.

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